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February 13, 2014. Ansaldo Honolulu joins HART in the unveiling of the Honolulu rail car at Kapolei Hale. Twenty Hawaii-based members of team Ansaldo Honolulu shared the exciting arrival of the life size train model. HART Executive Director Dan Grabauskas was joined by Enrico Fontana, Managing Director for Ansaldo Honolulu; members of the HART Board of Directors; representatives from Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s office; and representing Honolulu City Council Chairman Ernie Martin were Council members Ikaika Anderson, Ron Menor and Kymberly Pine.

Students from Waipahu High School’s Academy of Engineering were also on hand for the unveiling.

Download Ansaldo Honolulu Managing Director Enrico Fontana’s comments from the unveiling.

Photo credit: Andrea Vaccaro / AHJV


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December 4, 2013. Blessing of the new Ansaldo Honolulu offices.

The Hawaiian custom of blessing an office or home when someone moves in is a tradition in the islands that honors those of the past, present, and future. The energy or "mana" (power within) left behind from the people who once held a place here, and even those before are honored and blessed, as they allow new energy to enter, dwell, and prosper.

The ceremony blessing the new expansion began with Kumu Joseph Recca making an offering to Akua (God) and those who have passed through this property before. He spoke of the significance and value of the Hawaiian blessing and of the many local perceptions of the rail project, blessing all who were involved with the project.

Draped across the new doorway was a thick strand of Maile Lei, which Chinnarao Mokkapati, Project Quality Manager at Ansaldo Honolulu, unraveled and released the ribbon that held the lei together so Kumu Recca could walk through and bless the new offices.



Project Manager and Managing Director, Enrico Fontanta, provided a project update at the Move Oahu Forward meeting on October, 16, 2013 at the Pacific Club.  Honolulu Mayor, Kirk Caldwell, HART Executive Director, Dan Grabauskas, MOF Co-chair, Richard Dahl, and MOF Director, Jennifer Goto Sabas, were in attendance.


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The Women in Transportation Seminar (WTS), Hawaii Chapter, conducted the “Career Opportunities Networking” event on October 24, 2013 at Oahu Country Club. AHJV met with students and presented our company and job opportunities.



AHJV and other major primes Kiewit Infrastructure, Skanska, Hawaiian Dredging and Nordic PLC attended the HART Industry Day on October 16, 2013 at the Honolulu Country Club, and discussed potential subcontracting opportunities with tens of local contractors and DBE firms.


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A Full size mock up of Honolulu' s new rail transit system train car was one of the highlights at the 60th edition of the biennial UITP World Congress & Exhibition recently held in Geneva.


This is Who We Are and What We Do - It is Our Goal to Make Honolulu a Better Place to Live, Work and Play.

Ansaldo Honolulu JV, a partnership between Ansaldo STS and AnsaldoBreda, has assembled a team of experienced leaders in the Transit industry to provide you with a world-class rail transit system that offers the utmost in comfortable, reliable, safe, and cost-effective transportation.

We will provide the core systems, including vehicles, driverless train control, communications, and more. The Hawaii-based Ansaldo Honolulu JV O&M Company, requiring more than 300 local jobs for local people, will also operate and maintain the complete system until 2029.

Our goal is to make Honolulu a better place to live, work and play by providing you with:

  • A best-in-class driverless metro system
  • A world-class design based on the system voted World's Best Metro in 2008, 2009 and 2010
  • Operations and Maintenance provided by a highly experienced team
  • A strong commitment to create and sustain local high technology employment
  • A system from a company with proven rail vehicle delivery experience, and final assembly plant, having been in business in the USA since 1970's
  • A tried and tested automatic train control and protection system, engineered in the USA
  • An advanced and proven safety system

Stay up to date on Honolulu's exciting Rail Project by visiting the HART website.