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T01-C03-001 T01-Fronts-001 

June 2015 - Train No. 01 moves forward on track for delivery in Honolulu in early 2016.

Top left: the first carshell is prepped for shipment to Pittsburg, CA final assembly facility. Top right: the second carshell is welded and ready for painting

Bottom left: third car’s underframe is completed. Bottom right: front ends for train No. 01 are ready for installation on carshells.



IMG_0653 IMG_0660  

June 2015 - First Traction Power Substation ready for shipment to Hawaii

The first traction power substation is ready at Long Beach, CA port for shipment to Honolulu. This substation will provide electrical power for the movement of trains inside the Rail Operation Center. Final Installation at ROC is scheduled in July 2015.



IMG_20150618_171242 IMG_20150619_080101  

June 2015 - O&M Vehicles ready

The last two units of the O&M Maintenance & Recovery Vehicles passed the factory tests and are ready for shipment to Hawaii. Depicted from left to right are Hi-Rail High-Lift Vehicle and the Truck-mounted Rail Grinder



IMG-20150403-00193 image 
MSF_3_bmp IMG_8411_jpg 

Progress Update – March 2015 – The First Car!

Top: the first carshell is assembled at AnsaldoBreda factory in Reggio Calabria, Italy. We are on schedule for delivery of the first train to Honolulu in early 2016.

Bottom left: the train control systems for the Rail Operations Center yard are assembled at Ansaldo STS factory in Batesburg, SC. They will be installed in Honolulu by the end of 2015.

Bottom right: the prototype of the Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems for passenger stations is assembled at DRS Technologies factory in China. These systems will provide emergency electrical power at stations in case of black-outs of the grid, to allow passengers to safely leave trains and buildings.



new_IMG_3251 IMG_20150323_111254 

Ansaldo Honolulu and Subcontractors meet DBE Firms at HART’s Industry Day 2015.

Ansaldo Honolulu and its major subcontractors – Watts Constructors, LLC, Alcatel-Lucent USA, Inc., Stanley Access Technologies, LLC - attended HART’s Industry in Honolulu on March 23, 2015. Our team met with several DBE firms and local companies.

Depicted in picture, from left to right, are: Enrico Fontana, AHJV Managing Director, Eric Zielke, P.E., AHJV Senior Civil Works Engineer, James Zwiefel, Alcatel-Lucent USA Project Manager, Giovanni Russo PhD, General System Lead Engineer, Gerry Sverdlin, P.E., AHJV Senior Contracts Manager, Jason LeBlanc, Stanley Access Technologies Project Manager.



IMG_20150210_072328 IMG_20150210_072746
IMG_20150210_073754 IMG_20150210_074740

February 2015 – Operations Control Center Software Goes Live

Ansaldo Honolulu and HART meet to review the design for the Driverless Train Control System, and witness the simulation of Operations Control Center monitors. Train Control specialists are connected in a video conference between Ansaldo Honolulu project office in Honolulu and Ansaldo STS laboratories in Pittsburgh, PA.



Delivering the Core Systems

Ansaldo Honolulu was awarded the $1.4-billion Core Systems Contract for the Honolulu Rail Transit Project to design, build, operate and maintain the train vehicles in addition to the operations and control center. Ansaldo Honolulu has teamed up with HART – the Honolulu
Authority for Rapid Transportation – to deliver the first fully automated driverless urban rail transit system in the United States.

Ansaldo Honolulu has coordinated a large team with hundreds of engineers, managers and workers in more than twenty states across the nation, including Hawaii, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

Factories in these U.S. cities will soon begin shipping high-technology systems and materials to Hawaii to help build Honolulu’s world class transit system.

Start of Train Manufacturing: 2014
First Train in Honolulu: 2016
Passenger Service: 2019
Anticipated Direct Local Jobs for Operations and Maintenance: 300

A Fast, Safe and Reliable Alternative to Traffic Gridlock

Passengers will ride in air conditioned comfort from Kapolei to Ala Moana Shopping Center in less than 45 minutes, while enjoying scenic views along the elevated guideway.

Each four-car electrically powered, Wi-Fi enabled driverless train can carry more than 800 people, plus bicycles, luggage, surfboards, wheelchairs, coolers and strollers. There will be a total fleet of 80 train cars with approximately 17 four-car trains in operation during peak
travel periods.

Stay up to date on Honolulu's exciting Rail Project by visiting the HART website.


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